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Yet more muzzles o_0

Uchi Desmoulins’ avatars get special treatment today with the release of two new muzzles.

The first is for his wonderful Felis, a fairly dainty design with compact ‘we’re-not-sure-how-it-works’ lock at the back. Sculpty bits, tiny prims and custom textures.


150L$ copy/mod

Next up is a bunny muzzle! Due to chronic indecision, I made two different textured versions of this one, Tracey then informed me that she’d only consent to try it on if was “nice and pretty’… the result is a little brighter than I’d have liked >_>

Sculpted leather and rivets, an ear friendly strap arrangement and a very snug fit. Black, white and silver (may contain small quantities of bling…).


150L$ copy/mod

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Fox Muzzle and freebies

First off, here’s a new muzzle for Sylver Bu’s wonderful Kinzart Kreetures Fox:


105 prims, tiny sculpted screws, padlock at the back and a very close fit ^_^

Copy/Mod 150L$

A friend asked me where to buy a lawnmower with sound, after a few minutes of fruitless searching I discovered that there wasn’t one anywhere in SL.

Consequently, I present the Grass Master!


Has a custom mowing pose, engine sound and exhaust particles, realistic handling and a toggleable cutting deck with grass ejection and authentically annoying chopping sound!

Copy/Mod 0L$

Finally a small collection of useful scripts, some collected from Yadni’s Junkyard, others copied from the LSL wiki and a few of my own that are useful to builders.

There’s also a nice group privacy security script which I’ve found to be excellent.


Copy/Mod/Transfer 0L$

Tutorials, Work In Progress

The mystery of “nano” sculpted prims explained.

Lately I’ve been sculpting an awful lot (since I updated Hexagon to version 2.5) and had made some rather nice pozidrive screwheads for a muzzle. Unfortunately the minimum prim size left them about 10mm across which was just too wide so I had to extend the actual threaded part to compensate. This made the screw heads the right size but the threaded part was far too long.

After a lot of searching I found a simple, free way (the only software specifically for doing this is 2900L$ O_o) of shrinking any sculpted prim to any size!

Follow this link to learn how:

The mystery of “nano” sculpted prims explained.

Products - Releases

Woof! Meow! Waffle! Hiss! Purr! etc. etc.

Express yourself while you type!

Suitable for almost all terrestrial species.

A scripted prim that you can attach somewhere on your head, type /33chat and pick your preferred particle texture from a choice of 10.

Alternatively, you can take the script out of the supplied prim and insert in a suitable prim of your head/hair/ear/muzzle.


50L$ Copy/Mod (Although that’s just the prim….the script is copy only)

Products - Releases

Pet Bed!

A single sculpted prim, no poseball, no unnecessary prim clutter!

This pet bed is copy and mod, so always keep a backup copy in your inventory to avoid any unhappy bedding loss.

Retexturing can easily be accomplished by simply dragging a texture onto the pet bed, from your inventory.

Being a sculpted prim, the bed can be resized in all 3 dimensions, to fit all possible species and sizes of pet.


50L$ Copy/Mod – demonstration versions at Sabulella and Northstar Mall.

Products - Releases

Valentine’s day approaches….

Show your loved one your true feelings with this lovingly made silver collar.

No vulgar bling or fullbright, just a faint glow from certain parts.

The sculpted heart suspended from the front actually beats when clicked, complete with sound and message.

If you require a transfer version, please visit our store in Sabulella.


75L$ for Copy/Mod (in 3 presized versions)

150L$ for Mod/Transfer (In 3 presized versions)

Products - Releases

Big and (slightly) scary

Why ‘Economy Demon’ ? Because it’s relatively cheap, basic and not terribly well proportioned.

It does however come with a custom AO, particle effects, folding wings and a ‘TalkType’ jaw.

All prims are Mod/Copy so you can (hopefully) improve your new avatar.

All scripts are no mod, this may result in certain parts sometimes turning no mod when you rez them, always keep a backup copy for this reason.


190L$ – Currently being modelled at our store in Sabulella

(As a side note, this page is the number one result on google for “economy demon” :P )

Products - Releases

Pretty Kitty Colour change !

A slightly more ornate collar, with a colour changing leather band:


Has a more dainty bell (with ringing) and 93 prims of kitteny goodness ^_^

75L$ Copy/Mod/No Transfer

Products - Releases

Foxy stuff!

Something a little more specialised today, a soft leather muzzle for the Aventity fox 2.0


Very snug fit to the prims of the head, with a discreet padlock and buckled straps behind, a dangling ring in front (which is the root prim). Unscripted.

150L$ Mod/Copy/No Transfer

Products - Releases

Silly Collars Galore!

Last week I was rummaging around in my inventory and found a brilliant little script by RatedR7 Slade, a collar bell that rings when clicked, naming the clicker in chat, “Tracey rang Regan’s bell“. After a bit of prim wrangling and sound editing in Audacity we are proud to present our first batch of novelty collars:


All have the front ring set as root prim, for those of you who wish to add more functional collar scripts to them. The ‘Pampered Puppy’ collar is completely unscripted, but has very tiny prim text inlaid on the sculpted bone !

Just 50L$ each with modify and copy rights, but no transfer.

My thanks to RatedR7 Slade for permission to use her script, may she be the recipient of many doggy hugs ^_^


There is now a vendor containing slightly outdated but still very usable collar script, animations and instructions, available for the token sum of 1L$. Pets rejoice!

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