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New, useful freebie.

If you’ve spent more than a few weeks in SL, you’ll know how frustrating being ‘ruthed’ can be. Especially so if you have a very masculine avatar. This simple attachment makes ‘deruthing’ ultra simple, just click and you’ll be sent 1000 metres up into the air, effectively taking you out of range of everyone else. You’ll then be brought back to your original position (more or less gently), forcing your client to reload the shapes and textures of everyone nearby. This also works the other way, everyone else will reload your avatar as if you’d just arrived, more often than not fixing any ‘ruthing’.


The script is essentially Argent Stonecutter’s CyberFlight 1.4, but with most of the functions removed. If I’d left it all in the script you’d have no reason to buy the full featured version from him :P

Products - Releases


Two new avatars released, humanoid female cats. Complete avatars with skin (both PG and mature versions included), two shapes, hair, eyes, ears, tail, whiskers and teeth !


Also included is a basic AO with a slinky, sexy walk, female run and several static stands.

The teeth come in two versions, one unscripted and one with a ‘smile’ script, causing a slightly inane grin to appear on your face at random intervals :P

190 L$, copy, mod and no transfer.

Work In Progress


This has been in the back of my mind since I saw the first reasonably styled SL car..then mouselooked closer. The ‘Julia’ is a 3 attachment ‘vehicle’, with custom driving pose to make this possible (Worn either as an attachment in no object/no script zones, or with an actual physical vehicle skeleton to make passengers possible). Both boot and bonnet open to reveal the classic twin cam engine and other..stuff.

The bodywork has a colour change script with 66 possible options (though about 20 of those are distinctly awful). Total primmage is around 700 so far, but it seems to rez just fine except on sim crossings. Much like my hair >_<


Please view full size to see all the detail.

I expect to have it finished in a couple of weeks, in 3 versions: Tiny car Avatar, full size avatar and vehicle.

(Yes, it is that small ^_^)

Products - Releases


Despite my obsession with giant robots/battlemechs, my first completed avatar is in fact a big guy in a rusty diving suit O.o

After playing the very atmospheric FPS game ‘Bioshock’ for a day or two I was rather taken by the design of one of the recurring ‘boss’ characters, a (probably hideously deformed) humanoid creature in a deep sea diving suit of unusual design.

Armed with one of the pre game development renders of the character, I recreated it it in SL with relative success.

The SL avatar skeleton was woefully unsuited to the shape of the character so I had to have an animation override made to give the familiar hunched, lumbering stance (Something I have recently discovered that none of the other ‘Big Daddy’ avatars on sale in SL have, with predictably disappointing results). The trade off for this is a reduction in height, so while the avatar is correctly proportioned, it is a little smaller than one might expect, hence the ‘Little Daddy’ name ;)

A live model can usually be seen at our store in Sabulella where you can judge the quality of the build yourself.


500L$ with free lifetime updates (glow effect lenses are very nearly ready, for that ‘smelling of fish and enraged’ look :P )


3 colours of glow, and the ‘glare’ effect prims are toggleable (So you don’t look like an idiot in the daylight).

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