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Marketplace and endless forms……..

Because of the way the marketplace works we were not able to have a ‘brand’ as such. We had our products spread about between us, we did keep the same banner, logo and store name but even so this wasn’t really very satisfactory as somebody looking at Regan’s store would not see my products or vice versa.

So this weekend we took on the rather mind numbing task of redoing all the permissions and repackaging all my products so they could be put into one single store.

At present my brain is a bit fried from all the form filling but at least we now have (almost) everything in one place. Just two products owned by Doggy to go.

Link to our consolidated marketplace store

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Back in Business


It has been a year since anything was posted here, mainly due to a lot of real life activity and not so much in second life, but now we are back with a new revamped store, new products and more in the works.

Firstly the store has had a makeover to hopefully be far more easy to navigate, when you arrive at the new landing area you will find yourself in dappled sunlight (depending on time of day and lighting shadows enabled) cast by the canopy of the large tree sat atop the entrance, to the left is a waterfall feeding a small pool and more trees with places to sit including a swing. Dotted about are several vents letting off steam from the building below.


Follow the flashing lights down the ramp into the store and you enter a far more industrial setting with its open warehouse feel and central walkway. Designed so the whole store is more visible from wherever you are.



New Products

There are a few new products already placed in the store including three new muzzles and a rustic cabin.



First off a slight variation on the usual muzzles, this one is for human avatars ! as with our other muzzles it is unscripted but set up so the root prim is at the front so any leash scripts added will go to the front ring.

L$150  mod/copy/no transfer



Next up a basket style muzzle for the Kinzart Kreetures Husky.

L$190 mod/copy/no transfer



And finally another Kinzart Kreetures muzzle, this time for the wolf.

L$90 mod/copy/no transfer



Rustic Cabin

This charming rustic cabin is fully sculpted with a working door and opening shutters and collision, it comes in two roof styles of  tin or straw and consists of just 5 prims.

L$90 per roof style, mod/no copy/transfer


Or for builders who need more than one cabin,

L$200 per roof style,  mod/copy/no transfer



All the above items are also available at the marketplace


Price reductions and L$10 section

A lot of the older stock has been reduced, a lot to half their original price, and some to just L$10 !

Reduced items include:

Clothing :

  • Cheongsam
  • Aphrodite
  • Jewel
  • Summer Breeze
  • All trousers


  • Rogue
  • Magi
  • Elven Warrior
  • Barbarian
  • Rogue & Magi Jewellery

All the Tesla tech items


  • Felis Umbra and Alba
  • Personal Feline Submersible
  • Economy Demon
  • Little Daddy
  • Clockwork Doll
  • Wood Nymph

The Comfy Sofa is also reduced.

All older muzzles and the silver chameleon collar.


L$10 items include:

  • Prom Queen
  • Retro Check
  • Bolero
  • Flexi Ponytail and Bun Hair
  • Rubber Ducky collars
  • Fishy Kitty collar


Updates, Waffle

Gifts, Vendors and metaLIFE

We have always made the majority of our stuff mod/copy/no transfer, this is because personally it is how we like things to be, especially if you have a furry or not conventional shape avatar (my human av is on the shorter side with quite a curvy rear end). While a lot of people choose to use resize scripts instead of mod permission I personally find these very awkward and it can take ages to adjust something with multiple prims via a script plus it can’t be used on system clothing. If you have a furry avatar modify clothing is quite important for adjusting leg/arm length on shirts or pants to fit your prim bits.

The downside with no transfer though is the inability to gift a product to a friend, in the past we put our products up on XStreet but with the upcoming changes to listing fees there we decided to try out metaLIFE as an online store, their vendors are also very good so we shall be adding one to our store which will enable people to purchase our products as gifts in world instead of only being able to do so online :)

Random Inspiration! @ metaLIFE


We have moved to Nautilus-Suniaton!

This is the last of the update posts to catch up to the present after the blogs hiatus.

Over Easter we moved from our old plot at Sabulella to our new home in Nautilus, while we loved our place at Sabu it was in a pg area and with the upcoming possibilty of changes to the mature rules, and the fact we do sell collars albeit squeeky, ringing, rattling pet ones, we decided it might be good to look for a mature plot. I wasn’t sure if we could find anywhere as nice as what we had but after much looking around I visited Nautilus, the area appealed to me instantly, like our Sabu place a lot of the surrounding land is Linden owned so around each area are wide Linden pathways, and open Linden areas, all the plots on that island are square and set in groups of 2, 3 or 4 plots together with linden land around them. Because of the large amounts of Linden land the plots are also double prim!

Well I dragged Regan there and he agreed it was the best place for us to go, it also meant we could have less land for the same amount of prims more or less, good for tier as well :)

So after selling most of Sabu to our neighbour there we bought four plots in Suniaton and set about making our new store, this time we chose to put the store “upstairs” in a skybox to keep it more together, one of the faults of Sabu was it was all over the place, but it looked pretty *blush*, on the ground we have made it a nice little gladed area, we still have to have pretty somewhere :)

This is the view from the landing point.


To get to the store just click a mushroom to tp up.


Here is the new store, of course a normal skybox was out of the question, it had to be random or it wouldn’t be us :)


When you arrive you will be in the central walkway, each pod is signed to say what’s inside.


In the Avatar one you may find Random Bohemian modelling the new Wood Nymph outfit, she will be logged in using sleek so wont be very responsive if you try chatting to her, she can’t actually see you.


The Lucky Chair has also been revamped to go with the new store.


We are very pleased with the new place and being in a mature sim means we can expand our products a bit more, Regan has quite a few RLV related gadgets and things he’s working on, he’s also been playing with sculpties a bit more, he even made this latex sculpted skirt i’m wearing.


A Slurl to our new home can be found in the menu on the right :)


We got land!

When we first bought the plot at Sabulella next door was a bit of an odd place, it had large green prims on the ground with bits of land poking through and glow in the dark trees, it also had a couch and table, I found the decor a bit odd but each to their own, but then we never saw anybody there and after a while we decided to see who owned it, Governor Linden 0.o

Somehow I just couldn’t imagine the lindens decorating a plot like that and after some reading up on the subject I came to the conclusion this was abandoned land. Well I put in a request for it to be put up for auction and this weekend it was. what started off as plain sailing got rather hectic in the last few minutes but luckily we managed to beat the other bids and win the auction.

So now we own a nice rectangular waterfront plot and can expand our store a bit. We’ve already done some rearranging, made more structured walls, still in keeping with our ruined theme though, and organised the products into sections. The freestuff has been moved to a tent on the new plot, we plan on making that area look like an excavation of the ruins is taking place, hence the tent :D

Our new land.



Happy Rezday Regan!

Today is Regans rezday, he is the grand old age of two! To celebrate I made him a prim cake complete with icing swirls and silver balls, just like my mum used to make although her cake was real and chocolate flavoured :P

As you can see from the photo, it got him drooling :D



Lucky Chair

I like lucky chairs, I think they are a fun way to get new stuff and sometimes you find some hidden gems. I have used the lucky chair station at Popfuzz a few times and I find it a great way to discover new places, if I teleport somewhere for a chair I will also look about the whole area, under normal circumstances you might never have discovered it, especially with the very vague search function in SL.

We both thought it would be a nice idea to have our own lucky chair but wanted it to be inkeeping with the rest of the plot so it’s more of a lucky stone throne than a chair :P

There are no freebies in our chair, just some of the products we sell in the store including the dresses and some of the Tesla items, so not all female stuff!

All the content would normally sell for L$100



Welcome to our new site, our Random Inspiration group is so named because we tend to just come up with random ideas very sporadically so sometimes we may appear very productive and at others not much going on at all :P

Regan and myself have been making stuff for a few years for games, and I’ve made a few things for poser as well, it works well because he’s good at building where I’m better at texturing, so almost everything we make is a joint effort in some way or other :)

When we first decided to set up a store we bought a plot of land elsewhere but found that one to be not very inspiring so we started looking for somewhere with a bit more character and were lucky enough to find one in Sabulella that was bordered on two edges by protected waterways. The Sabulella sim and many of the neighbouring sims are criss crossed with these protected waterways making it a great place for sailing, Regan has been making a boat called the Kitten which we had parked on our little pier but twice it has gone walkabout so we have removed the scripting for the moment, I just hope whoever took it enjoyed the ride and thank you to the land owners who returned it :)

The store itself is rather unconventional, we just didn’t want the usual square building with stuff on the walls, it’s such a pretty spot there that we decided to build something more open plan, our inspiration came from the ruined temple at Delphi, our ruined temple is by no means an exact replica but it’s a fair representation. Our products are scattered all about the plot on fallen rubble and we recently added a stone throne style lucky chair. As much as we want people to look at our products we also want them to hopefully enjoy the build too and go away feeling that it was a bit more interesting than the usual four walls.

Most of the time there will also be “live” models displaying some of our stuff, they are alt accounts that we log in using the SLeek client, they can’t do much with that but they can pose which is all we need them to do really, one of the reasons for doing this is so people can see the prim work close up, some of the jewellery Regan has made for my outfits is so tiny and exquisite I just can’t capture it well enough on a snapshot, having a model solves that problem perfectly.

You can visit our store by clicking this SLurl