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Update to an old favourite

Now we are making quite a few motorcycles we decided to give our old freebie Rocket Bike a makeover.

It has been totally remade in sculpties while still retaining its original steampunkish feel, and also rescripted for better handling and easy sit adjustment.


L$0 mod/copy/no transfer

The scripts are no mod so this means the bike will show as no modify but it is modifiable,  it’s an odd quirk with SL that can be rather misleading to people who don’t realise it only says no mod because of the scripts. It really should list the permissions for the object itself not its contents grrrrrr.

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Bouncy Bouncy !

Another freebie for you, this time a full mesh bouncy castle !

The script is full perms although the castle is no copy, but it’s free so just grab another one if you like :D


Just 5 land impact to rez but can be scaled bigger than it’s default 8 metres (will raise the LI).

L$0 mod/no copy/transfer from the store or marketplace, demo in the landing area, come and have a bounce!

Products - Freestuff, Updates

Yum Yum !

Easter is here and we thought we’d give you a little free treat, a chocolate bunny avatar !


Rigged mesh avatar, full alpha mask and shape included.

L$0 copy/mod/no transfer

Available at the store and on the marketplace.

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Fox Muzzle and freebies

First off, here’s a new muzzle for Sylver Bu’s wonderful Kinzart Kreetures Fox:


105 prims, tiny sculpted screws, padlock at the back and a very close fit ^_^

Copy/Mod 150L$

A friend asked me where to buy a lawnmower with sound, after a few minutes of fruitless searching I discovered that there wasn’t one anywhere in SL.

Consequently, I present the Grass Master!


Has a custom mowing pose, engine sound and exhaust particles, realistic handling and a toggleable cutting deck with grass ejection and authentically annoying chopping sound!

Copy/Mod 0L$

Finally a small collection of useful scripts, some collected from Yadni’s Junkyard, others copied from the LSL wiki and a few of my own that are useful to builders.

There’s also a nice group privacy security script which I’ve found to be excellent.


Copy/Mod/Transfer 0L$

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Free Rocket Bike!!!

Take a ride around SL on the new Random Inspiration Rocket Bike, it even has room for a friend.

Has directional thrusters, the wheel spins and it can go on land or water, not air though unless it’s a very high cliff you just fell off :P

All this steampunky fun for just L$0


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Big Update!

Well it’s been quite a while since either of us posted here as we were both off doing other things and then my wehost packed up and it was offline for a couple of months as well, but now after a webhost move i’ve finally uploaded the blog again, there was quite a few products missing I wanted to add so here goes….


Wedge Sandals, to go with the other freebie clothing and steampunk mech wings that unfold when you fly!



The Laser Hat 3000, amaze your friends with this piece of high tech equipment…………and possibly scalp them too if your not careful. L$40


Collars Galore!

3 more colours of the leather kitty collar, blue, black and pink. L$50 each.


Cute silver bunny collar with a scripted squeeky carrot! L$50


Ornate high detail turquoise and bone native collar L$150


As always collars are available in both mod/copy/no transfer or mod/no copy/transfer versions.


Both the Rogue and Magi jewellery are now available seperately as well as with their respective outfits. Each set is L$190.


More Muzzles

Husky muzzle for both genders of the Aventity Husky 2.1 L$150


And a wolf muzzle for both genders of the Darksphere Creations Wolf L$100


That’s it for the older stuff that wasn’t added already, there’s also the Personal Feline Submersible, a previous wip but I was lazy and just changed the original post for that *blush*

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New, useful freebie.

If you’ve spent more than a few weeks in SL, you’ll know how frustrating being ‘ruthed’ can be. Especially so if you have a very masculine avatar. This simple attachment makes ‘deruthing’ ultra simple, just click and you’ll be sent 1000 metres up into the air, effectively taking you out of range of everyone else. You’ll then be brought back to your original position (more or less gently), forcing your client to reload the shapes and textures of everyone nearby. This also works the other way, everyone else will reload your avatar as if you’d just arrived, more often than not fixing any ‘ruthing’.


The script is essentially Argent Stonecutter’s CyberFlight 1.4, but with most of the functions removed. If I’d left it all in the script you’d have no reason to buy the full featured version from him :P

Products - Freestuff


Before we started our store I made a couple of things to give away as freebies, prompted by Regan saying he wanted some cut off shorts. Well I made him his shorts, then I made several colour variations and some T-shirts to go with them. I have been amazed at how popular those shorts are, just goes to show that sometimes Regan does have good ideas :P

The other day I decided it might be nice to have a flexi skirt as well so I set about making some. As before they come in several colours but unlike before they aren’t unisex, that is unless you are a male who likes wearing a mini skirt ;)

*~Ri!~* Freestuff


Not sure what will be next, maybe something completely different or maybe some shoes to complete the outfit, we shall have to wait and see :)