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Update to an old favourite

Now we are making quite a few motorcycles we decided to give our old freebie Rocket Bike a makeover.

It has been totally remade in sculpties while still retaining its original steampunkish feel, and also rescripted for better handling and easy sit adjustment.


L$0 mod/copy/no transfer

The scripts are no mod so this means the bike will show as no modify but it is modifiable,  it’s an odd quirk with SL that can be rather misleading to people who don’t realise it only says no mod because of the scripts. It really should list the permissions for the object itself not its contents grrrrrr.

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Get your motor running…………….

Much motorcycle madness!

Two new bikes and an updated Cheetah.


The Marauder is a V6 all terrain bike, it has a rather sci-fi feel to it with rocket thrusters and a few tongue in cheek buttons, such as turbo boost and core dump. But don’t let that fool you into thinking the marauder isn’t a serious vehicle, this bike has been scripted with the latest scripts from Karyn Valer so it has all the top notch functions.

Features include:

  • Low LI, low lag mesh construction.
  • High quality scripting with almost every aspect customisable by menu. (uses KCP ACS scripts) Optional HUD.
  • Seats two avatars.
  • Hand painted textures.
  • Rocket thrusters engage at around 70mph for extra speed.
  • Auto updater. (Checks upon rez and delivers updated copy)

The inbuilt menu allows you to adjust virtually every aspect of the Marauder’s handling and controls, gear ratios, engine power, camera, adjust your pose, resize the bike, obtain a HUD attachment with working speedometer, as well as several other features.

It is also easy to tint the shell or wheel rims to any colour you like, as an added bonus we have included the shell UV map so you can customise as you see fit.


L$350 mod/copy/no transfer

Prim count 18, Land Impact 35


The corsair is our second new bike, this is more of a retro style cruiser, vaguely reminiscent of 60’s bikes, we’ve even included a pale primrose and powder blue inkeeping with the retro feel.

Features include:

  • Low LI, low lag mesh construction.
  • High quality scripting with almost every aspect customisable by menu. (uses KCP ACS scripts)
  • Optional HUD.
  • Seats two avatars.
  • Hand painted textures.
  • Auto updater. (Checks upon rez and delivers updated copy)

Changing the paint colour is as easy as clicking the DVW badge on the side of the bike, there are twelve different paint options to choose from. And as with the Marauder you can adjust every other aspect via the main menu.

Once again we also included the UV map for the paintwork so you can customise your bike exactly how you want it.


L$350 mod/copy/no transfer

Prim count 10, Land Impact 38

Cheetah Update

We have also updated our first bike the Cheetah to the latest KCP ACS scripts, and added a passenger sit, so it now has all the features of the Marauder and Corsair.

If you previously bought a copy just rez it and you will automatically be sent the updated version.

Prim count has changed slightly due to the passenger addition.


L$290 mod/copy/no transfer

Prim count 10, Land Impact 43

You can test drive all our bikes by visiting us in world at the store


House of Heels Update

Due to a few requests from purchasers we have updated all our mesh shoes with resizer scripts.  They are still modifiable the old fashioned way too but it seems there are shoppers who prefer a resizer so we were happy to oblige :)

DVW, House of Heels, Products - Releases

More new stuff! boots, insects, pointy sticks and fishy bikes…

Four more random new releases.

House of Heels

New to House of Heels, No27 knee length riding boots in brown and black.


L$250 mod/copy/no transfer


DVW Marlin

This sleek chopper style motorbike is the latest release for Doggy Vehicle Works.


L$190 mod/copy/no transfer


Vespid Type 01

The Vespid Type 01 is a full avatar, custom sculpted parts, two wing options, dilating irises and a ‘working’ brain.

So nicely jointed this avatar works with all humanoid ao’s, you should see it dancing!


L$190 mod/copy/no transfer


Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer is a full covert operations outfit, it comes with a bodysuit with three top and two lower options, belt, bracer, stylish boots, a visor that has an up or down option, and dual blades that come in both prim and mesh.


L$290 mod/copy/no transfer


All these items are available in the store and on the marketplace


DVW, House of Heels, Products - Releases

New Releases!

Several new releases to update you on.

House of Heels

Two new boots, first of No.41s, full mesh ballet boots, as with all our shoes they come with the colour change menu with twelve colour options. These have an added bonus though, each leather part can be changed individually so you can mix and match, for example have black boots with white straps and red trim.


L$250 mod/copy/no transfer


Next we have No.23b, these are full mesh classic high heeled buckled boots. Colour change menu with twelve options.


L$250 mod/copy/no transfer

We have display models at the store where you can see both pairs of boots close up and play around with the colour menu.


DVW Lancer

If you’ve been in our store you may have noticed a spacecraft hanging enticingly from the ceiling, well now you can finally get your hands on one.

The Lancer is a sculpted two seater fighter that comes with two colours, light and dark.


L$150 mod/copy/no transfer

If you haven’t seen the display model come take a look.


Tribal Spririt

Tribal Spirit is a sculpted fantasy outfit for both males and females (please note the male version was built around a female base shape)

It includes an unscripted collar with tiny charms and nipple piercings.


L$190 mod/copy/no transfer

All these items are available in the store and on the marketplace



DVW, Products - Releases

Vroom Vroom!

Finally after much tweaking we present our first mesh motorbike, the Cheetah.

Low lag, low land impact, high quality scripting and hand painted textures.

The inbuilt menu lets you choose from eight different colour options and allows pose adjustment.

It is also unlockable so you can let your friends take it for a spin.


Prim count 8, Land Impact, 41 and 19k vertices.

L$290, mod/copy/no transfer

Also included is a custom made crate.