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Products - Releases

Woof Woof!

Doggy maker of fine footwear has made a new avatar, the DogBot!

This fully sculpted low prim avatar comes with both male and female torso and pelvis parts, and digitigrade and plantigrade leg options.

The DogBot’s  irises expand and contract and its stumpy little tail wags happily.

L$150 mod/copy/no transfer


A display model of the DogBot has been set up in store.

Products - Releases, Updates, Waffle

Back in Business


It has been a year since anything was posted here, mainly due to a lot of real life activity and not so much in second life, but now we are back with a new revamped store, new products and more in the works.

Firstly the store has had a makeover to hopefully be far more easy to navigate, when you arrive at the new landing area you will find yourself in dappled sunlight (depending on time of day and lighting shadows enabled) cast by the canopy of the large tree sat atop the entrance, to the left is a waterfall feeding a small pool and more trees with places to sit including a swing. Dotted about are several vents letting off steam from the building below.


Follow the flashing lights down the ramp into the store and you enter a far more industrial setting with its open warehouse feel and central walkway. Designed so the whole store is more visible from wherever you are.



New Products

There are a few new products already placed in the store including three new muzzles and a rustic cabin.



First off a slight variation on the usual muzzles, this one is for human avatars ! as with our other muzzles it is unscripted but set up so the root prim is at the front so any leash scripts added will go to the front ring.

L$150  mod/copy/no transfer



Next up a basket style muzzle for the Kinzart Kreetures Husky.

L$190 mod/copy/no transfer



And finally another Kinzart Kreetures muzzle, this time for the wolf.

L$90 mod/copy/no transfer



Rustic Cabin

This charming rustic cabin is fully sculpted with a working door and opening shutters and collision, it comes in two roof styles of  tin or straw and consists of just 5 prims.

L$90 per roof style, mod/no copy/transfer


Or for builders who need more than one cabin,

L$200 per roof style,  mod/copy/no transfer



All the above items are also available at the marketplace


Price reductions and L$10 section

A lot of the older stock has been reduced, a lot to half their original price, and some to just L$10 !

Reduced items include:

Clothing :

  • Cheongsam
  • Aphrodite
  • Jewel
  • Summer Breeze
  • All trousers


  • Rogue
  • Magi
  • Elven Warrior
  • Barbarian
  • Rogue & Magi Jewellery

All the Tesla tech items


  • Felis Umbra and Alba
  • Personal Feline Submersible
  • Economy Demon
  • Little Daddy
  • Clockwork Doll
  • Wood Nymph

The Comfy Sofa is also reduced.

All older muzzles and the silver chameleon collar.


L$10 items include:

  • Prom Queen
  • Retro Check
  • Bolero
  • Flexi Ponytail and Bun Hair
  • Rubber Ducky collars
  • Fishy Kitty collar


Products - Releases

Jump Around!!!!

I had the urge to make some more jumpers, at first they were going to be more along the lines of my stripey ones but instead ended up totally different, I did actually own a jumper like this a few years back, although not quite as low cut or short but not far off it :P

I did debate calling them a sweater but well I’m English so to me they will always be jumpers.

They come in a pack of ten different shades, orange, yellow, gold, silver, blue, green, teal, purple, red and pink, and on all three layers, plus gloves to finish off the sleeves nicely.

L$100 mod/copy/no transfer


SL Marketplace Link

Products - Releases, Updates

Long post is looong

Been rather a long time since we updated here and in Second Life itself, been a few changes going on this year so SL got put on a back burner for a bit, but we are back with new releases and also some previously unblogged stuff, first up the new things.

New Footwear!

Cora Heels

New Designer Doggy >_> has been making shoes for us ladies, first up is the Cora shoe, a fully sculpted shoe that comes with three different heel styles, Stiletto, Chunky and Wedge. Each shoe has 12 menu driven colour options, so no need for multiple shoes cluttering up your inventory just a single pair does the lot.

L$100 each mod/copy/no transfer

For viewer 2.0 or a viewer that can use alpha masks, no ivisiprims!
ri_cora_stiletto_promo ri_cora_chunky_promo ri_cora_wedge_promo

Normally the colour change script is owner only but we have placed some demo shoes in our main store for people to play about with.

SL Marketplace Link

Felicity Ankle Boots

Doggy <_< also made some ankle boots, as with the Cora they have a menu driven texture change with 12 colour options. These ankle boots are fully sculpted, even the little zip, and use the new alpha mask option. Colour demo available at our main store.

L$250 mod/copy/no transfer

For viewer 2.0 or a viewer that can use alpha masks, no ivisiprims!


SL Marketplace Link

I really like not having to have invisiprims on shoes now, and even on prim body parts for the furry avatars, sort of spoils your look when your invisiprim outline shows up as you walk past certain things :(

There is more footwear in the works at the moment, including some knee high strappy boots complete with little padlocks, these will likely come in two types, lockable scripted and unscripted, watch this space!

Old Furniture!

These two items have been out for a while but we didn’t get around to adding them on here.

Clawfoot Bathtub

This bathtub started life as an SL birthday present to me from Regan last February, he did such a nice job of it we decided to add it to the store, and it has been a very popular addition.

The bath comes with solo shower and bath animations plus a couples bath animation, the bath also fills itself and has bubbles! no visible poseballs and only 8 prims, demo version available at our main store.

L$200 mod/no copy/transfer

SL Marketplace Link

Scorpion Workstation

Following on from our previous workstation we have the Scorpion, sci-fi inspired it has 3 random image cycling screens, you can easily add you own images too, a fully animated typing sit and just 11 prims, demo version available at our main store.

L$200 mod/no copy/transfer


SL Marketplace Link


Now that XStreet has become the SL Marketplace we have finally got around to uploading all our products that were not listed, unfortunately they don’t have a brand system as such, on metalife we can have a “brand” and a single storefront no matter who uploaded the product, so it means we now have one each, it’s either that or the hassle of giving my stuff to Regan full perms, redoing the perms again then uploading. So apart from stuff already uploaded before the change all the clothing and shoes can be found in my store, and collars furniture and so on at his.

Regan’s SL Marketplace Store
Tracey’s SL Marketplace Store

So there you have it, maybe the next post will be a bit shorter :P

Products - Releases

Sparkling Jewels

Jewel is a sparkling satin gown which can be worn as a long evening dress or a short cocktail dress. Also included are two pretty diamond bangles, diamond earrings and a pair of diamond encrusted sandals.

The top comes on all three layers and there are several glitch pant options, long for the evening skirt and thigh length or shorts for the cocktail skirt, on both pant and underpants layers. Or if you prefer to flash a little more leg under the cocktail skirt there’s the longer length jacket layer, perfect for using with your favourite sexy underwear.

Available in five different rich dark shades. L$200 mod/copy


Products - Releases

Winter warmers

I like knitwear, I have a lot of it, unless it’s really hot I’m rarely without at least a cardigan on, something that I think amuses Regan but I’m a naturally cold person. So seeing as it’s winter I wanted to make myself a jumper, Regan kindly made me sculpted collar and cuffs for it and I also made some nice warm trousers too, feel much more like my real self when my avatar is dressed like this.

Stripey jumper, six shades with sculpted roll neck and turn up cuffs, L$100.


Tweed trousers, both male and female in six shades, male has more muted colours and a higher waistband, L$100 each.


Products - Releases

Clockwork Doll

A while back we got a suggestion to make a Clockwork Doll avatar, we both liked this idea, despite my irrational fear of dolls *shudder* but then I’ve always been a bit strange.

So let me present to you the Random Inspiration Clockwork Doll Avatar!

She comes complete with:

  • Skin (with keyhole in the back)
  • Shape
  • Bob Hairstyle
  • Pigtail Hairstyle
  • Eyes (blue, green and brown)
  • Extra bonus prim doll like eyes (blue, green and brown)
  • Bra, shorts and corset on multiple layers
  • Mini and knee length flexi skirts
  • Sculpted prim shoes
  • Choker with working clock (set your own timezone via touch script)
  • Self winding key, winds down slowly then winds itself up again, with sound!

All this for just L$500


Products - Releases


Another new release, this time good old fashioned denim.

Comes in three colours, stonewash, indigo and black, and is full mod/copy so can be adjusted in appearance mode to any style you fancy, from tight to baggy or if you are feeling really adventurous harem style low and loose :P

Each pair also has optional sculpted turn up cuffs, these are also mod/copy so you can make multiple versions to fit your multiple pants styles if wanted.


Products - Releases


A taste of the orient with these four Cheongsam style outfits.

Two skirt options, knee length pencil skirt or mini flexi skirt, knee length glitch pants for the pencil skirt, shorts or a mini glitch pant to use with your own underwear for the flexi skirt. Also comes with matching shoes and oriental cloisonné style earrings.

L$200 each

Products - Releases

Aphrodite a touch of grecian glamour

Aphrodite is inspired by ancient Greece with a bit of ballroom glamour on top. A floor sweeping flexi skirt with bustle and a pretty sparkling rope tied bodice complete with matching jewellery and shoes.

It comes in fourteen different colours, and two packs with seven pastel and seven dark shades each.

Single outfit L$200, pack of seven L$1000, copy/mod



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