First off, here’s a new muzzle for Sylver Bu’s wonderful Kinzart Kreetures Fox:


105 prims, tiny sculpted screws, padlock at the back and a very close fit ^_^

Copy/Mod 150L$

A friend asked me where to buy a lawnmower with sound, after a few minutes of fruitless searching I discovered that there wasn’t one anywhere in SL.

Consequently, I present the Grass Master!


Has a custom mowing pose, engine sound and exhaust particles, realistic handling and a toggleable cutting deck with grass ejection and authentically annoying chopping sound!

Copy/Mod 0L$

Finally a small collection of useful scripts, some collected from Yadni’s Junkyard, others copied from the LSL wiki and a few of my own that are useful to builders.

There’s also a nice group privacy security script which I’ve found to be excellent.


Copy/Mod/Transfer 0L$