This has been in the back of my mind since I saw the first reasonably styled SL car..then mouselooked closer. The ‘Julia’ is a 3 attachment ‘vehicle’, with custom driving pose to make this possible (Worn either as an attachment in no object/no script zones, or with an actual physical vehicle skeleton to make passengers possible). Both boot and bonnet open to reveal the classic twin cam engine and other..stuff.

The bodywork has a colour change script with 66 possible options (though about 20 of those are distinctly awful). Total primmage is around 700 so far, but it seems to rez just fine except on sim crossings. Much like my hair >_<


Please view full size to see all the detail.

I expect to have it finished in a couple of weeks, in 3 versions: Tiny car Avatar, full size avatar and vehicle.

(Yes, it is that small ^_^)