When we first bought the plot at Sabulella next door was a bit of an odd place, it had large green prims on the ground with bits of land poking through and glow in the dark trees, it also had a couch and table, I found the decor a bit odd but each to their own, but then we never saw anybody there and after a while we decided to see who owned it, Governor Linden 0.o

Somehow I just couldn’t imagine the lindens decorating a plot like that and after some reading up on the subject I came to the conclusion this was abandoned land. Well I put in a request for it to be put up for auction and this weekend it was. what started off as plain sailing got rather hectic in the last few minutes but luckily we managed to beat the other bids and win the auction.

So now we own a nice rectangular waterfront plot and can expand our store a bit. We’ve already done some rearranging, made more structured walls, still in keeping with our ruined theme though, and organised the products into sections. The freestuff has been moved to a tent on the new plot, we plan on making that area look like an excavation of the ruins is taking place, hence the tent :D

Our new land.