Last week I was rummaging around in my inventory and found a brilliant little script by RatedR7 Slade, a collar bell that rings when clicked, naming the clicker in chat, “Tracey rang Regan’s bell“. After a bit of prim wrangling and sound editing in Audacity we are proud to present our first batch of novelty collars:


All have the front ring set as root prim, for those of you who wish to add more functional collar scripts to them. The ‘Pampered Puppy’ collar is completely unscripted, but has very tiny prim text inlaid on the sculpted bone !

Just 50L$ each with modify and copy rights, but no transfer.

My thanks to RatedR7 Slade for permission to use her script, may she be the recipient of many doggy hugs ^_^


There is now a vendor containing slightly outdated but still very usable collar script, animations and instructions, available for the token sum of 1L$. Pets rejoice!