We have always made the majority of our stuff mod/copy/no transfer, this is because personally it is how we like things to be, especially if you have a furry or not conventional shape avatar (my human av is on the shorter side with quite a curvy rear end). While a lot of people choose to use resize scripts instead of mod permission I personally find these very awkward and it can take ages to adjust something with multiple prims via a script plus it can’t be used on system clothing. If you have a furry avatar modify clothing is quite important for adjusting leg/arm length on shirts or pants to fit your prim bits.

The downside with no transfer though is the inability to gift a product to a friend, in the past we put our products up on XStreet but with the upcoming changes to listing fees there we decided to try out metaLIFE as an online store, their vendors are also very good so we shall be adding one to our store which will enable people to purchase our products as gifts in world instead of only being able to do so online :)

Random Inspiration! @ metaLIFE