It has been a year since anything was posted here, mainly due to a lot of real life activity and not so much in second life, but now we are back with a new revamped store, new products and more in the works.

Firstly the store has had a makeover to hopefully be far more easy to navigate, when you arrive at the new landing area you will find yourself in dappled sunlight (depending on time of day and lighting shadows enabled) cast by the canopy of the large tree sat atop the entrance, to the left is a waterfall feeding a small pool and more trees with places to sit including a swing. Dotted about are several vents letting off steam from the building below.


Follow the flashing lights down the ramp into the store and you enter a far more industrial setting with its open warehouse feel and central walkway. Designed so the whole store is more visible from wherever you are.



New Products

There are a few new products already placed in the store including three new muzzles and a rustic cabin.



First off a slight variation on the usual muzzles, this one is for human avatars ! as with our other muzzles it is unscripted but set up so the root prim is at the front so any leash scripts added will go to the front ring.

L$150  mod/copy/no transfer



Next up a basket style muzzle for the Kinzart Kreetures Husky.

L$190 mod/copy/no transfer



And finally another Kinzart Kreetures muzzle, this time for the wolf.

L$90 mod/copy/no transfer



Rustic Cabin

This charming rustic cabin is fully sculpted with a working door and opening shutters and collision, it comes in two roof styles of  tin or straw and consists of just 5 prims.

L$90 per roof style, mod/no copy/transfer


Or for builders who need more than one cabin,

L$200 per roof style,  mod/copy/no transfer



All the above items are also available at the marketplace


Price reductions and L$10 section

A lot of the older stock has been reduced, a lot to half their original price, and some to just L$10 !

Reduced items include:

Clothing :

  • Cheongsam
  • Aphrodite
  • Jewel
  • Summer Breeze
  • All trousers


  • Rogue
  • Magi
  • Elven Warrior
  • Barbarian
  • Rogue & Magi Jewellery

All the Tesla tech items


  • Felis Umbra and Alba
  • Personal Feline Submersible
  • Economy Demon
  • Little Daddy
  • Clockwork Doll
  • Wood Nymph

The Comfy Sofa is also reduced.

All older muzzles and the silver chameleon collar.


L$10 items include:

  • Prom Queen
  • Retro Check
  • Bolero
  • Flexi Ponytail and Bun Hair
  • Rubber Ducky collars
  • Fishy Kitty collar