The advent of mesh in Second Life has opened many creative opportunities that before were either too complicated or impossible to do with the current limitations. And while we have been experimenting with many different mesh creations this is our first mesh release.

Now Regan being a dog doesn’t really have much use for clothing but he has often made himself some sort of undergarment, usually a sculpted affair, so he decided to make himself some mesh pants, well they worked so well he then went on to make some for the ladies, but in a thong style.

Both the male briefs and the thongs come with a plain white texture that can be retinted and six different patterned textures. They are non rigged as this gives the option of adjusting them to fit your shape (Rigged mesh cannot be resized, moved or rotated on your avatar) and being just underwear they move with you without the need for weighting.

Each set costs L$150, mod/copy/no transfer


Fancy a change of style? no problem as we’ve also included the UV maps so you can do your own customisations. Each pant is split into separate material parts texture wise so even if you aren’t that savvy at texturing you can still change the fabric, for example by dragging a new pattern onto it. Full retinting or texturing instructions are in the included notecard.

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