Well it’s been quite a while since either of us posted here as we were both off doing other things and then my wehost packed up and it was offline for a couple of months as well, but now after a webhost move i’ve finally uploaded the blog again, there was quite a few products missing I wanted to add so here goes….


Wedge Sandals, to go with the other freebie clothing and steampunk mech wings that unfold when you fly!



The Laser Hat 3000, amaze your friends with this piece of high tech equipment…………and possibly scalp them too if your not careful. L$40


Collars Galore!

3 more colours of the leather kitty collar, blue, black and pink. L$50 each.


Cute silver bunny collar with a scripted squeeky carrot! L$50


Ornate high detail turquoise and bone native collar L$150


As always collars are available in both mod/copy/no transfer or mod/no copy/transfer versions.


Both the Rogue and Magi jewellery are now available seperately as well as with their respective outfits. Each set is L$190.


More Muzzles

Husky muzzle for both genders of the Aventity Husky 2.1 L$150


And a wolf muzzle for both genders of the Darksphere Creations Wolf L$100


That’s it for the older stuff that wasn’t added already, there’s also the Personal Feline Submersible, a previous wip but I was lazy and just changed the original post for that *blush*