Several new releases to update you on.

House of Heels

Two new boots, first of No.41s, full mesh ballet boots, as with all our shoes they come with the colour change menu with twelve colour options. These have an added bonus though, each leather part can be changed individually so you can mix and match, for example have black boots with white straps and red trim.


L$250 mod/copy/no transfer


Next we have No.23b, these are full mesh classic high heeled buckled boots. Colour change menu with twelve options.


L$250 mod/copy/no transfer

We have display models at the store where you can see both pairs of boots close up and play around with the colour menu.


DVW Lancer

If you’ve been in our store you may have noticed a spacecraft hanging enticingly from the ceiling, well now you can finally get your hands on one.

The Lancer is a sculpted two seater fighter that comes with two colours, light and dark.


L$150 mod/copy/no transfer

If you haven’t seen the display model come take a look.


Tribal Spririt

Tribal Spirit is a sculpted fantasy outfit for both males and females (please note the male version was built around a female base shape)

It includes an unscripted collar with tiny charms and nipple piercings.


L$190 mod/copy/no transfer

All these items are available in the store and on the marketplace