Four more random new releases.

House of Heels

New to House of Heels, No27 knee length riding boots in brown and black.


L$250 mod/copy/no transfer


DVW Marlin

This sleek chopper style motorbike is the latest release for Doggy Vehicle Works.


L$190 mod/copy/no transfer


Vespid Type 01

The Vespid Type 01 is a full avatar, custom sculpted parts, two wing options, dilating irises and a ‘working’ brain.

So nicely jointed this avatar works with all humanoid ao’s, you should see it dancing!


L$190 mod/copy/no transfer


Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer is a full covert operations outfit, it comes with a bodysuit with three top and two lower options, belt, bracer, stylish boots, a visor that has an up or down option, and dual blades that come in both prim and mesh.


L$290 mod/copy/no transfer


All these items are available in the store and on the marketplace