Barbarian is a cave girl style outfit complete with toothy jewellery and a flint dagger for L$350


So how is it paw friendly? easiest way for me to explain is to cheat and copy a bit of Regan’s notecard about it.

Although I don’t engage in much combat I got fed up with weapons always requiring me to lose my prim paws, due to the scripting used. Some avatars look great with humanoid hands but the majority of anthro furry avatars were made with prim paws and they really do look so much better as the designer intended.

So…our weapons use subscripts in each of the weapon’s prims to hide or show. While this does (at least when there’s any server lag, i.e. 90% of the time) mean less instant hide/show, it does enable you to keep your paws, as only the weapon’s scripted prims will be affected by draw/sheath actions.

So basically in short you rez a copy of your prim paw, attach the dagger then use the included draw/sheath gestures to equip or unequip the dagger. Fuller instructions are included with the outfit. There’s also a dagger for those of you with just hands :P

Rogue has also been updated with the same paw friendly scripting on the ornate dagger to make it a useable weapon instead of just ornamentation.