Welcome to our new site, our Random Inspiration group is so named because we tend to just come up with random ideas very sporadically so sometimes we may appear very productive and at others not much going on at all :P

Regan and myself have been making stuff for a few years for games, and I’ve made a few things for poser as well, it works well because he’s good at building where I’m better at texturing, so almost everything we make is a joint effort in some way or other :)

When we first decided to set up a store we bought a plot of land elsewhere but found that one to be not very inspiring so we started looking for somewhere with a bit more character and were lucky enough to find one in Sabulella that was bordered on two edges by protected waterways. The Sabulella sim and many of the neighbouring sims are criss crossed with these protected waterways making it a great place for sailing, Regan has been making a boat called the Kitten which we had parked on our little pier but twice it has gone walkabout so we have removed the scripting for the moment, I just hope whoever took it enjoyed the ride and thank you to the land owners who returned it :)

The store itself is rather unconventional, we just didn’t want the usual square building with stuff on the walls, it’s such a pretty spot there that we decided to build something more open plan, our inspiration came from the ruined temple at Delphi, our ruined temple is by no means an exact replica but it’s a fair representation. Our products are scattered all about the plot on fallen rubble and we recently added a stone throne style lucky chair. As much as we want people to look at our products we also want them to hopefully enjoy the build too and go away feeling that it was a bit more interesting than the usual four walls.

Most of the time there will also be “live” models displaying some of our stuff, they are alt accounts that we log in using the SLeek client, they can’t do much with that but they can pose which is all we need them to do really, one of the reasons for doing this is so people can see the prim work close up, some of the jewellery Regan has made for my outfits is so tiny and exquisite I just can’t capture it well enough on a snapshot, having a model solves that problem perfectly.

You can visit our store by clicking this SLurl