This is the last of the update posts to catch up to the present after the blogs hiatus.

Over Easter we moved from our old plot at Sabulella to our new home in Nautilus, while we loved our place at Sabu it was in a pg area and with the upcoming possibilty of changes to the mature rules, and the fact we do sell collars albeit squeeky, ringing, rattling pet ones, we decided it might be good to look for a mature plot. I wasn’t sure if we could find anywhere as nice as what we had but after much looking around I visited Nautilus, the area appealed to me instantly, like our Sabu place a lot of the surrounding land is Linden owned so around each area are wide Linden pathways, and open Linden areas, all the plots on that island are square and set in groups of 2, 3 or 4 plots together with linden land around them. Because of the large amounts of Linden land the plots are also double prim!

Well I dragged Regan there and he agreed it was the best place for us to go, it also meant we could have less land for the same amount of prims more or less, good for tier as well :)

So after selling most of Sabu to our neighbour there we bought four plots in Suniaton and set about making our new store, this time we chose to put the store “upstairs” in a skybox to keep it more together, one of the faults of Sabu was it was all over the place, but it looked pretty *blush*, on the ground we have made it a nice little gladed area, we still have to have pretty somewhere :)

This is the view from the landing point.


To get to the store just click a mushroom to tp up.


Here is the new store, of course a normal skybox was out of the question, it had to be random or it wouldn’t be us :)


When you arrive you will be in the central walkway, each pod is signed to say what’s inside.


In the Avatar one you may find Random Bohemian modelling the new Wood Nymph outfit, she will be logged in using sleek so wont be very responsive if you try chatting to her, she can’t actually see you.


The Lucky Chair has also been revamped to go with the new store.


We are very pleased with the new place and being in a mature sim means we can expand our products a bit more, Regan has quite a few RLV related gadgets and things he’s working on, he’s also been playing with sculpties a bit more, he even made this latex sculpted skirt i’m wearing.


A Slurl to our new home can be found in the menu on the right :)