Lately I’ve been sculpting an awful lot (since I updated Hexagon to version 2.5) and had made some rather nice pozidrive™ screwheads for a muzzle. Unfortunately the minimum prim size left them about 10mm across which was just too wide so I had to extend the actual ‘threaded’ part to compensate.


Muzzle close up showing inside with screw torture D:

  • For: nice tiny screw heads ^_^
  • Against: Multiple puncture wounds >_<

I spent a while trying to find out how to trick SL into making them smaller but the wiki/various blogs showed me lots of examples and software capable of  making nano prims without ever explaining how. The most promising tool seemed to be LD Sculpty Shrink but I didn’t really want to spend that amount of L$ on a tool for occasional use.

After even more link following I found out that an RGB value of 128,128,128 is the coordinate of the centre of the sculpt shape. So…making the sculpt map greyer would shrink it?

Yes! In Paint Shop Pro/Photoshop/The GIMP (or virtually any layer capable graphics program) and add a layer above the sculpt map, filled with a mid grey (128,128,128). Set blend mode to normal and opacity to about 70% and your sculpt will be roughly an eighth the original size. More opacity = smaller final prim size.  At 80% opacity there’s slight degradation, at 90% it starts to look quite lumpy…but the prim is microscopic!


All using the default 0.5×0.5×0.5 prim to show scale difference.

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