Long ago in a land far far away there was a girl who liked to make stuff, she did the best she could with what she had available but then one day along came the pet of her dreams, together they started making new exciting stuff but the old land got boring after a time so her pet went to look for somewhere new and exciting. Soon he found it and he persuaded her to come and take a look, she was thrilled and once again they started making stuff!

From that day forward they would be known as Regan Flasheart and Tracey Dragonash and they would place their randomly inspired stuff in Nautilus -Suniaton for all to see.

Eventually they took in a poor waif and stray called Doggy who helped with the creating of the random goodies.

Curious about the old land? well go here and satisfy it.

Or if you wish to visit Nautilus-Suniaton go here for a Slurl.