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Winter warmers

I like knitwear, I have a lot of it, unless it’s really hot I’m rarely without at least a cardigan on, something that I think amuses Regan but I’m a naturally cold person. So seeing as it’s winter I wanted to make myself a jumper, Regan kindly made me sculpted collar and cuffs for it and I also made some nice warm trousers too, feel much more like my real self when my avatar is dressed like this.

Stripey jumper, six shades with sculpted roll neck and turn up cuffs, L$100.


Tweed trousers, both male and female in six shades, male has more muted colours and a higher waistband, L$100 each.


Products - Releases

Clockwork Doll

A while back we got a suggestion to make a Clockwork Doll avatar, we both liked this idea, despite my irrational fear of dolls *shudder* but then I’ve always been a bit strange.

So let me present to you the Random Inspiration Clockwork Doll Avatar!

She comes complete with:

  • Skin (with keyhole in the back)
  • Shape
  • Bob Hairstyle
  • Pigtail Hairstyle
  • Eyes (blue, green and brown)
  • Extra bonus prim doll like eyes (blue, green and brown)
  • Bra, shorts and corset on multiple layers
  • Mini and knee length flexi skirts
  • Sculpted prim shoes
  • Choker with working clock (set your own timezone via touch script)
  • Self winding key, winds down slowly then winds itself up again, with sound!

All this for just L$500


Products - Releases


Another new release, this time good old fashioned denim.

Comes in three colours, stonewash, indigo and black, and is full mod/copy so can be adjusted in appearance mode to any style you fancy, from tight to baggy or if you are feeling really adventurous harem style low and loose :P

Each pair also has optional sculpted turn up cuffs, these are also mod/copy so you can make multiple versions to fit your multiple pants styles if wanted.


Products - Releases


A taste of the orient with these four Cheongsam style outfits.

Two skirt options, knee length pencil skirt or mini flexi skirt, knee length glitch pants for the pencil skirt, shorts or a mini glitch pant to use with your own underwear for the flexi skirt. Also comes with matching shoes and oriental cloisonné style earrings.

L$200 each

Products - Releases

Aphrodite a touch of grecian glamour

Aphrodite is inspired by ancient Greece with a bit of ballroom glamour on top. A floor sweeping flexi skirt with bustle and a pretty sparkling rope tied bodice complete with matching jewellery and shoes.

It comes in fourteen different colours, and two packs with seven pastel and seven dark shades each.

Single outfit L$200, pack of seven L$1000, copy/mod




Store Makeover

We have recently given the Random Inspiration store a bit of a makeover, inspired by old French farmhouse type buildings the new look store has a central “house” where the clothing and fantasy products can be found and two open style wings, collars and muzzles in one wing, furniture, tech and avatars in the other.


We still have the lucky chair, located at the opposite end to the house along with some of the freebies.

The landing point also has a stargate just for a bit of fun, and plenty of grass to try out your free Grassmaster on ;)


Products - Releases

Hairy T-Shirts!

Well not quite but hair and t-shirts anyway :P

Flexi Ponytail & Bun

I decided to try my hand at making some hair, I spend my life doing hair, it’s my rl job so I felt by rights I should be able to do it in Sl, not as easy as it sounds believe me.

Still I persevered at it and while it may not be up to the standards of the big well practiced hair creators in SL I’m happy with my results :)

Three colours, black, brown and blonde. Two Styles, flexi ponytail with a tintable band and a neat little bun.

L$50 copy/mod


T-Shirts – Bad Dogs, Naughty Ladies and Grungy Swirls

Inspired by Regan I made a Bad Dog t-shirt, because he is a bad dog.  He then suggested I should reword the female one to Naughty Bitch, not in a derogatory way more in a female dog way ;) Originally I only did them in black but Regan requested a paler version as well so I made that too.

Both colours are included for each design and they come on all three layers, shirt, undershirt and jacket with the jacket layer being a slightly longer length.

L$ 25 each


Swirls is a slightly grungy textured t-shirt in two lengths, normal waist length and a shorter length version. It comes on all three layers, shirt, undershirt and jacket for both the lengths.



Products - Releases

Yet more muzzles o_0

Uchi Desmoulins’ avatars get special treatment today with the release of two new muzzles.

The first is for his wonderful Felis, a fairly dainty design with compact ‘we’re-not-sure-how-it-works’ lock at the back. Sculpty bits, tiny prims and custom textures.


150L$ copy/mod

Next up is a bunny muzzle! Due to chronic indecision, I made two different textured versions of this one, Tracey then informed me that she’d only consent to try it on if was “nice and pretty’… the result is a little brighter than I’d have liked >_>

Sculpted leather and rivets, an ear friendly strap arrangement and a very snug fit. Black, white and silver (may contain small quantities of bling…).


150L$ copy/mod

Products - Freestuff, Products - Releases

Fox Muzzle and freebies

First off, here’s a new muzzle for Sylver Bu’s wonderful Kinzart Kreetures Fox:


105 prims, tiny sculpted screws, padlock at the back and a very close fit ^_^

Copy/Mod 150L$

A friend asked me where to buy a lawnmower with sound, after a few minutes of fruitless searching I discovered that there wasn’t one anywhere in SL.

Consequently, I present the Grass Master!


Has a custom mowing pose, engine sound and exhaust particles, realistic handling and a toggleable cutting deck with grass ejection and authentically annoying chopping sound!

Copy/Mod 0L$

Finally a small collection of useful scripts, some collected from Yadni’s Junkyard, others copied from the LSL wiki and a few of my own that are useful to builders.

There’s also a nice group privacy security script which I’ve found to be excellent.


Copy/Mod/Transfer 0L$

Products - Releases

New Stuff!

Two new collars and a new muzzle.

New Doggy Collar!

Simple yet elegant, leather and copper collar with the usual scripted bonus of a rattly chain.



Kitty collar!

What cat could resist a tasty fish, seems somebody already ate this one :P

White leather collar with jewel encrusted paw prints and sculpted fish bone pendant.



New Muzzle!

Keep those teeth away from grandma with this new muzzle for the Lost Furest Wolf, fits both genders.



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